Types of Paint Offered:

There are many different paint products to choose from based on the type of work you need done. Trueline is very familiar with all of these products listed below, plus may others. If you have a custom parking lot striping paint you would like us to use that's not a problem either. If you contact us we can discuss your paint options to find a solution that's right for you. When choosing the paint always consult with your sales rep for the best fit for your specific striping application.


  • Water Based Paints / Best used on light traffic low maintenance parking lot areas. Most parking lots and curbs are painted with this type of paint because of its low cost. Its affordability comes at a sacrifice of strength. However most businesses do annual parking lot maintenance so long term durability is not always a necessity.
  • Oil Based Paints / One step up from water based striping paints in terms of quality, but be sure oil based paint is not going to be striped over existing water based paint or adhesion will be an issue.


  • Two Part Urethane Enamels / Enamels are a great product with an industrial strong finish. Best used outdoors because of its ability to stand up to the elements. Sometimes two coats are required to get the desired finish.


  • Two Part Epoxies / Epoxies are very similar to the enamel family of paints and are best suited for indoor use such as warehouses, distribution centres, and factories. They last much longer than water and oil base products.


  • Thermoplastics / Thermoplastics is powder or block of polymer that turns to a liquid when heated and then turns to a glassy like paint finish when cooled. When you see striping on freeways and roadways more often than not it is thermoplastics. Thermoplastic striping has a large profile making it a bad choice for parking lots but a great choice for drive ways and distribution terminals. It holds up to the elements and traffic extremely well however, it requires a time consuming installation process.


  • Plus many colours / Most all of the above mentioned paints can be made into to almost any colour with the exception of thermoplastics. If you have a custom parking lot striping colour that you need, just give us a call and we will let you know what can be done.


  • Cold Applied Plastics (aka C.A.P) is a two-component cold-curing methacrylate-based roadmarking compound. It has excellent exterior durability and is commonly used for walkways, school zones, signs and bicycle and bus lanes. It is the hardest wearing marking product available and is fast drying.

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